We're a Tight Knit Family Business

Working with his son since he could walk Stanley has given Nick every advantage in building an expertise in the jewelry business. Every job they process is a team effort and this contributes to the perfection they strive for. They both share similar skills sets while complimenting each other in regard to their computer design skills and excellency in the technology involved in producing perfect castings.

Stanley Bright

Stanley has been working in the jewelry industry for more than 34 years. His expertise in custom goldsmithing is as unparalleled as his expertise in stone setting and precious metals casting. He's a second generation jeweler with a nack for perfectionism- he won't accept anything less.

Nicholas Bright

Nicholas is a third generation jeweler with a lifetime of experience in both shop and sales experience. Working more than 5 years full time under his fathers guidance has left him with as much care for detail, precision, and aesthetics as his father. With expertise in computer engineering, metallurgy, and precious metal casting, he is sure to make sure no detail is missed.

Cutting-edge Equipment

Our primary method of Casting is the Galloni Pressovac. With it's finely tuned pressure, vacuum, and thermal controls and its inert gas atmosphere this machine has revolutionized casting in almost every way. From casting under a total vacuum to applying over 3 bars the liquid metal, there truly is no better way to cast.

The Highest Quality 3D Prints

With our brand new Solus Pro 3D printer we're able to print the most precise resin models possible with minimal shrinkage (less than 0.5%) and prefect detail resolution. With a resolution higher than most any printer this printer can print the finest details with no hesitation whatsoever.